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About Our Service & FAQ's

Our service is a driver only service which means we drive you in your vehicle. We pick you up from your place of stay, drive you on your route to the various wineries, breweries, and distilleries of your choosing, then we drop you back off at your place of stay.



When you give the driver permission to drive your car, they are covered under a "permissive status." Since car insurance typically follows the vehicle, the auto insurance policy covering the vehicle is the primary insurance. This means the car owner’s insurance will pay for damages caused even if the driver carries their own insurance. However, for your insurer to cover the accident, the driver must have your permission and not drive your vehicle regularly. 

Here is a link for more info:


Rental Cars

Yes, we can drive your rental car and no additional insurance from the rental company is required. Depending on which rental car company you go through, the driver may need to sign on as an additional driver which can be coordinated before the wine tour.  For information about how insurance works for the rental car, follow the link below:


Group Sizes

While our service is geared towards smaller groups, we can accommodate larger group sizes in a couple of ways. We can drive your personal or rental passenger van at an increased rate of $60/hour, or we can assign multiple drivers for multiple cars which would be the standard rate of $50/hour for each driver.


VIP Service

What do we do while you're tasting at the winery? We are always on the premises and attentive. We will take group photos, carry your wine purchases out to the car and be ready to go to whenever you are.

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